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We know that each K9 is unique, thus meeting for a consultation to create a plan of action is always the first step into a stess free connection with your companion.

Dog training of Shiba Inu and Frenchie practicing "sit" command.


Dog trainer relaxing at the park and in the grass with 2 obedient pups
Dog training, 2 K9 practicing "place" while on a hike at Mt. Charleston.
Cute adult female black and white husky, practicing "sit" dog training.
dog training, honey amstaff practicing "sit" and "engagement"
German Shepard and pitbull mix dog training, loose leash walking.
Dog training, kid reactive dog with a kid and both are happy.
Akita Inu dog training
All white Akita Inu relaxing in kennel.
Dog trainer hiking with 2 dogs
cute german shepherd posing for photo while on "place". dog training fun.
Beautiful Amstaff Dog Training, practicing "down" in public.
Husky and Akita Inu relaxing near a stream during a hike in Las Vegas, NV.
Sports dog training, practicing "engagement" with the handler.
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