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In-Home Assessment

Have a trainer come to you to properly evaluate your puppy/K9's behavior & temperament. This assessment will help determine a customized training program for your sidekicks and during which you will receive:

-Behavioral analysis of your K9!

As Every K9 issues are different, we help to get to the root of the issue behind your K9's behaviors to promote a healthy, positive & long lasting change in you companion.

-On the spot Training!

We will show you how to strengthen the Bond between you and your pup! Receive immediate help with your most troublesome issues/concerns or even pick up a new trick for you and your K9 to perform!

-a gameplan!

We're not about set it and forget it dog training. We'll leave you with a customized 'Plan For Success' until your K9's training date, to ensure you get the best out of your training.

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